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ATA Carnets to Vietnam, Now is the Time

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Boomerang Carnets® makes it easy!

Vietnam is officially the 88th country/territory to join the ATA Carnet system as of May 1, 2022.  The long-awaited status is welcomed by many who see Vietnam as the ideal place to expand their businesses.  Vietnam is the U.K.’s 35th largest trading partner with goods and services (exports plus imports) between the U.K. and Vietnam amounting to £5.5 billion at the end of 2021.  The top export commodities from the U.K. to Vietnam were pulp & wastepaper, medicinal & pharmaceutical products, beverages, metal ores & scrap, and aircraft. 

ATA Carnets help businesses going into Vietnam as well as businesses coming out.  Right now, Vietnam accepts ATA Carnets for “trade fairs and exhibitions” only.  Using an ATA Carnet to show and represent your product or service at an exhibition, fair, conference, or convention establishes unique bonds that can lead to new contracts.  ATA Carnet use will save you significant amounts of cash because your temporarily exported goods enter duty and tax free. Attending foreign trade shows is no longer cost prohibitive. This is the perfect time to explore new opportunities. 

The ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted customs document for temporarily exported merchandise, goods, or professional equipment and allows cross border movement of goods import-duty and -tax free into any of the 87+ carnet countries and territories for up to a year.  The ATA Carnets’ benefits include significant savings on import-duty and -tax with built-in ease Clearing Customs.  Acceptable goods on a carnet into Vietnam includes goods for display at trade fairs and exhibitions.

At Boomerang, we make traveling with your goods, gear, and equipment clear and simple by providing the resources and destination specific information you will need.  With 35 years in the business, we understand what you want to know to make your trip as hassle free as possible.  

Boomerang makes it easy!

If you want to take advantage of new opportunities in Vietnam and expand your business, Boomerang’s Carnet Specialists and Customer Service and Sales Reps offer expert customer service.  We are here to assist you 24/7, just call the Carnet HelpLine® 0808.189.3400.  Also, if you want to ship by cargo, Boomerang has freight forwarder partners who can deliver your carnet to you, as well as handle your freight. 

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