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BREXIT from 1 JANUARY 2021

Note Updated Advisory: UK GMR Needed Prior to Goods Arrival eff. 28/3/2023


3 December 2020

Preparation should be made to obtain ATA Carnets for temporary exports/imports between the UK and the EU from 1 January 2021.  It is also possible that carnets will be required for transport between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Carnets must be “wet stamped” on exit from and entry to the UK at land crossings, sea ports and international airports.

ATA Carnet will apply when moving goods through the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel.  On leaving the UK, to have your ATA Carnet processed you will need to go to any of:

  • North Weald Airfield
  • Ebbsfleet International Rail Station car park D
  • Stop 24

Entering the UK through Eurotunnel – you will need to go to Ashford.

Entering the UK through the Port of Dover – you will need to go to Dover Western Docks.

If using the Port of Holyhead, it cannot process ATA Carnets so you will need to go to Roadking Truckstop.

If you have questions, please contact a Carnet Specialist on the boomerang carnets UK Carnet HelpLine® at 0808-189-3400, Click to Chat or Email, at the top of this page.