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Brexit Carnet Production


Brexit Uncertainty Calls for Contingent Carnet for T.V. and Film Producers: The Brexit Carnet

Boomerang carnets offers a simple solution for productions traveling to the E.U.

Boomerang carnets has developed a special “Brexit Carnet”. The Brexit Carnet provides a simple contingency plan if temporary import documents to the E.U. are required, post-Brexit.

The Brexit Carnet is intended for use to E.U. countries only. A production company applies with the understanding that the Brexit Carnet may or may not be needed upon entry to an E.U. country. Special pricing applies to a Brexit Carnet since it may not be used. 

While guidelines, checklists and recommendations are widely available for other exporters shipping to the E.U. post-Brexit, very few address production equipment shipped or hand-carried between the U.K. and E.U., post-Brexit. In the absence of clear directions from H.M. Customs regarding these international productions, a Brexit Carnet, priced contingent on use, makes sense.

Boomerang carnets U.K. is a partnership with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (LCC), a U.K. ATA Carnet issuing organization. The LCC issues ATA Carnets for U.K. exporters regardless of their location or Chamber affiliation. There is no requirement to be an LCC member to get the best ATA Carnet rates from boomerang carnets.

A close up of a piece of paperDescription automatically generatedFor more information or to apply for an ATA Carnet contact Curt Wilson at 0808 189 3400.