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Carnet Values, Volume Exceed Expectations for First Six Months

Monday, August 31, 2015

Boomerang carnets® UK has successfully completed its first six months of operations with both merchandise values and carnet volume exceeding expectations. Almost 350 ATA Carnets were issued (348) with a total merchandise value slightly under £25 million. Over the six month period beginning March 1, 2015, ATA Carnet users included:

  • television broadcasters,
  • film production companies,
  • medical device manufacturers,
  • universities, and
  • industrial manufacturers, to name a few.

Carnet applicants have benefited from a variety of delivery services including same-day, overnight air courier and messenger pick-up at one of the three boomerang carnets® pickup locations: London, Heathrow, Liverpool. They have realized cost and time savings due to boomerang carnets® competitive pricing and all–online application process.

Jackie Dalgleish, Team Leader, boomerang carnets"There is an education process that we are undertaking with UK carnet applicants," commented Jackie Dalgleish, Team Leader, boomerang carnets®. "Typically, they are not accustomed to an all–online process, standard 24-hour turnaround and an overall less cumbersome method to getting a carnet. As our message gets out into the marketplace, we expect prospective users to understand that ATA Carnets have become simple and easy to apply for and use."

Boomerang carnets® UK is a partnership with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce has been in issuing authority for ATA Carnets in the UK since the inception of the ATA Carnet system here. Export Documentation Manager and Carnet Specialist Sarah Woolley at the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce is the key person responsible for issuing carnets for the Chamber. Ms. Woolley can be contacted for carnet inquiries or applications by email or telephone (toll-free): 0808 189 3400.