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Creative Companies Are Big Beneficiaries of Easy, Affordable ATA Carnets

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Explosive growth, driven by creativity, is one way to describe the ATA Carnet services offered by the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and boomerang carnets® UK.

Prior to March 1st 2015, the LCC processed and issued a mere 30 to 40 ATA Carnets annually for a small group of regular, export documentation customers. In the past 31 months they have delivered 2,800+ ATA Carnets to dozens of companies across the U.K., primarily in creative industries.

LCC issues an average of 90 carnets a month using an advanced online application system provided by boomerang carnets® LTD, LCC's technology and marketing partner. Over 90 percent of these carnets are issued to film and television production companies, broadcasters, tour managers, musicians and bands, theatres and choruses, media companies and photographers. This segment of ATA Carnet users requires quick turnaround, responsive customer service and ease of doing business. Boomerang carnets® LTD and the Chamber fill that need.

The enviable growth in carnet issuing can be attributed to a potent cocktail of efficiency, customer service and cost. The boomerang carnets®’ technology allows applicants to do 100% of their application, carnet and guarantee, online, from anywhere. The only paper to cross hands is the final, printed ATA Carnet document which can be delivered electronically in London, Liverpool or Crewe via a remote printing system. As a matter of practice, delivery is within 24 business hours of receiving a completed online application which assists many customers including film and video production companies to manage tight deadlines. Finally, the carnet and guarantee costs are competitive and membership in the Chamber is not required to get access to the best rates.

Boomerang carnets® also offers add-on services such as Same Day Carnet®, Lost Stolen or Destroyed Carnet Document Warranties, Carnet-Customized Airport Maps and chauffeured vehicles for carnet pick-up and delivery to make carnet use more streamlined, less risky and stress-free. Contact a Carnet Specialist for more details, to register for an account or schedule a pick-up: 0808 189 3400.