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Peru Creeps Toward ATA Carnets

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Peru is making slow progress toward implementing the ATA Carnet system with national elections impeding any significant movement in the near term. They are still in the process of adopting the Istanbul Convention for ATA Carnets, which was submitted to Congress earlier in February, and an original May target date for that Convention adoption has past, due to the elections. It is difficult even to project when the election cycle will end since a candidate needs to get 50% or more of the vote or another election will be scheduled. Congressional elections are also scheduled for the coming months

The addition of this Latin American country is on hold until the election process is resolved. In the meantime, USCIB and U.S. government contacts are tracking the status of ATA Carnet in Peru and news will be reported here as we get it. Peru would be the 3rd or 4th Latin American country to join the system, depending on whether Brazil makes good on its commitment to accept carnets by the Rio 2016 Olympics.