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Peru Joins ATA Carnet System Effective 30 April 2024


The UK National ATA Carnet Organisation (UKNATACO) announced that Peru joined the ATA Carnet System and will begin accepting carnets effective 30 April 2024.  Peru is the 89th country/territory and the third country in Latin America, after Chile and Mexico, to accept the use of ATA Carnets for temporary admission of goods.  Peru will accept Carnets issued for the Exhibitions and Fairs and Professional Equipment Conventions at this time.

The official announcement was made 12 Feb 2024 via Carnet Network Circular No. 83.

Peru (ISO code is PE) will accept ATA Carnets for the intended uses of:

  • Exhibitions and Fairs
  • Professional Equipment

 • ATA Carnets will be accepted by the Peruvian Customs for the following categories of goods: goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs, meetings, or similar events and professional equipment

             • ATA Carnets are accepted for transit

             • ATA Carnets are accepted for postal traffic (procedure to be advised)

             • ATA Carnets are accepted for both hand-carried goods and freight

             • Importation in multiple / split consignments is accepted


From 30 April 2024, the Lima Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be the National Guaranteeing Organisation member of the WCF/ATA international guarantee chain.

Please contact a Carnet Specialist at the boomerang carnets® Carnet HelpLine® , (0808) 189-3400 or e-mail us for additional information if you are planning to use a carnet for travel to Peru.