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Rio 2016 Temporary Admission FAQ

Will Brazil accept ATA Carnets in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro?

What are the temporary admission options until carnets are accepted?

  • Rio 2016 provides for a temporary admission (TA) procedure that covers "accredited/enabled" client groups such as Press, Broadcasters, Sponsors and International Federations. Those entities not in one of the accredited/enabled groups will need to use one of the standard temporary import methods or perform a "definitive import" (consumption entry).

What are the benefits under the temporary admission regime?

  • Customs charges normally due on importation will be suspended.

What are the requirements when re-exporting under the TA regime?

  • Accurate information about each item must be presented to allow authorities to match outbound with inbound data. The same importer of record and same company responsible for the import should be used when re-exporting. Clients are responsible for tracking each item. If items are missing duties and taxes will be applied over CIF value.

Can the TA regime be used if the goods are being shipped by courier?

  • Yes, until September 18th 2016, under the TA procedure for items requiring entry into Brazil by Brazilian non-residents. There are some restrictions on the types of goods allowed under the TA regime and shipped by courier.

Can goods imported under the TA regime by courier be re-exported by a different method?

  • Goods should follow the same routine upon re-exportation that they utilize upon importation. If they were imported by accompanied baggage they should exit that way.

Do the Rio 2016 temporary admission benefits exempt shippers from obtaining licenses?

  • No. Import licenses and special procedures for certain types of goods are not waived.

Is accompanied baggage (hand-carried) eligible for the special temporary admission procedure?

  • Yes. Goods must be presented to Customs, upon re-exportation, to comply with the simplified procedure for temporary admissions as accompanied baggage.

Is there a document that explains what the options are for shipping goods to the Olympics?

  • There is a Customs & Freight Manual version 2 (final) that is available for download.