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1-Stop-Shop at The Travel Visa Company: Visas & ATA Carnets

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Boomerang Carnets® Partners with Travel Visa to Simplify Travel Documentation

Preparing for international travel has become simpler. The Travel Visa Company, a U.K. leader in travel visas and boomerang carnets®, ATA Carnet specialists, are delivering both services from The Travel Visa offices in Crewe. This collaboration makes it easy for Travel Visa clients to prepare for international travel by offering two specialties in international travel and trade documentation.

Carnet Preparation & Travel Visas

The Travel Visa Company will be able to prepare ATA Carnet applications, on behalf of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, and deliver carnets in their Crewe office or at any of the boomerang carnets®’ network locations including the ATA Carnet issuing Chamber, the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and in London.

It is at the LCC that the two service providers met.  Over 2000 carnets have been issued from the LCC in the 24 months using boomerang carnets®’ new automated service. Prices are competitive and Chamber membership is not a prerequisite for getting the lowest rates.

All Electronic Processing

ATA Carnets and their accompanying security can be applied for, signed and stamped electronically from anywhere in the U.K. using boomerang carnets® UK’s online application. ATA Carnet pick-up locations are available in Liverpool and London, in addition to Travel Visa’s Crewe office where travel visas are also available.

A Travel Visa, boomerang carnets®, LCC collaboration makes so much sense. The Travel Visa Company is the preferred visa supplier for the Liverpool Chamber and boomerang carnets® is their exclusive service provider for ATA Carnets. All three international trade and travel document organizations bring experience and expertise to, sometimes, complex and frustrating processes.The objective is to make the application process and use of the documents as easy and simple as possible for the client. Anything we can do to reduce the stress associated with international trade and travel will not only help the customers and our organizations but will the support the Export Britain program and U.K. exporters,” asserted Curt E.H. Wilson, Director, boomerang carnets® UK.

For more information or to apply for an ATA Carnet or international travel visa contact Curt Wilson or Jacqueline Dalgleish at 0808 189 3400.