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Tips for ATA Carnets to Qatar

Monday, September 10, 2018

When planning to use an ATA Carnet to the newest carnet country, Qatar, there are a few guidelines worth noting:

  • Qatar only accepts the intended use of Exhibitions and Fairs (EF). Professional equipment and commercial samples are not allowed at this time.
  • Qatar customs authorities restrict split shipments but allow partial shipments. Importation in split shipments is not allowed. However partial shipments may be imported as long as they are re-exported in a single consignment.
  • Replacement carnets are accepted but need to be approved in advance as usual.
  • Box C of the Importation Voucher should include the Name of the event as well as the Venue where it is taking place.
  • It is advised that a file of the General List on a USB drive be on hand to speed up entry in Qatar.

For more information, contact a Carnet Specialist: 0808 189 3400