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Unique Car Service for Production & Audiovisual Professionals

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Specializing In Production Crews With ATA Carnet Hand-Carried Cargo

Recognising the highly time-sensitive needs of production crews, boomerang carnets® UK has partnered with a fully-licensed Private Vehicle Hire Operator based in the heart of London to provide car and van service. Carrington can:

Print the carnet and drive you, your equipment and the boomerang carnet to the airport, between airports or home after an international shoot.

We provide a convenient, knowledgeable transportation service that facilitates getting a Same Day Carnet®  to enable those last-minute jobs.

How does it work? Apply for a carnet electronically, it prints in Carrington's office, Carrington picks you and your equipment up, drives you, your equipment and the carnet to the airport, helps you present the carnet and equipment for inspection to customs and you continue with your check-in process.

Whether you need a Same Day Carnet or simply want to ease the pre-flight pressure, using a car service with carnet connections makes it simple and timely.

Want round trip service? Have Carrington meet you on the return trip as well and transport your gear, ATA Carnet and you where you need to be next.

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off at HM Customs locations at U.K. airports.
  • Same-Day printing and hand delivery of ATA Carnets.
  • Transfer and delivery of hand-carried cargo.
  • Transport vans are available for transfer of larger, checked baggage.
  • Inter-Airport transfers.

To schedule, contact boomerang carnets® at 0808 189 3400 or email a Carnet Specialist.