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About boomerang carnets UK

Boomerang carnets® UK is a U.K. registered company headquartered at 52 - 56 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A  2EB UK and has its National ATA Carnet Service Center in Liverpool at 1 Old Hall Street. It is at Leadenhall Street that boomerang carnets® UK was established in 2014 to partner with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce to provide ATA Carnets to U.K. exporters.
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Boomerang carnets® UK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kernow Capital Corporation (KCC) (aka boomerang carnets® in the U.S.) which has been issuing U.S. ATA Carnets as an appointed U.S. ATA Carnet Service Provider for 25 years.


Boomerang carnets® UK's ownership boasts over 100 years of ATA Carnet issuing, automating and marketing ATA Carnets in the U.S. and that expertise is being applied to the U.K. carnet market with a vision to vastly improve the U.K. exporters' experience.

Boomerang carnets® UK, through its U.K. partner the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, can provide affordable same-day and overnight carnet service in Liverpool, London, at Heathrow and in Chicago. As is typical, carnets can also be shipped by overnight courier to anywhere in the U.K. and U.S.No. 1 Old Hall Street photo

That same ownership has a long history of business and relationships in the U.K. as well. Previous ownership of award-winning freight forwarder J.E. Bernard and Co. and Lloyd's Underwriting Agency Vectura Underwriting are two examples of historical involvement in the U.K. trade, transportation and insurance markets.

Bruce A. Wilson photoKernow Capital Corporation's founding family has a history dating back to the early 1900s in the international trade and transportation industries. We are proud to be a family-owned business and a privately held company under the management of founder Bruce A. Wilson, Curt E.H. Wilson, Leslie Levy August and Michael L. Host.


Our Brands

KCC has branded its ATA Carnet services as boomerang carnets® since every shipment that we deal with goes out and comes back to its country of exportation. We are also known as The ATA Carnet Specialists. We are the only ATA Carnet service provider whose only business is ATA Carnets. 

Our latest adventure in carnet branding is transforming the word carnet into a verb: Just Carnet It and Go!

Scope of Service

We serve exporters throughout the U.K. from our centralized issuing facility, the ATA Carnet Service Center in Liverpool. There we have extended service hours and weekend and holiday service.

Companies Affiliated with Kernow Capital Corporation:

Corporation for International Business, a U.S. ATA Carnet Service Provider

Wyvern International Insurance Brokers, a specialty cargo insurance broker.

Vectura Underwriting is a Lloyd's of London Coverholder specializing in marine cargo insurance.

Organizations We Support:

Association of British Orchestras
British International Freight Association (BIFA)
Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
Organization of Women in International Trade