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Acceptable Carnet Goods

Most Goods Can Be Listed on a Carnet

Virtually all types of goods can be transported under the ATA Carnet:

  • Commercial Samples

  • Professional Equipment

  • Goods for Exhibitions (limited to 6 months)


Perishable and consumable items (such as agricultural products), explosives, disposable goods and goods which are posted cannot travel under an ATA Carnet.

Examples of Acceptable Carnet Goods:

Aerospace equipment & devices

Agricultural equipment (non-food)


Antiques & antiquities

Art - paintings, sculpture, installations

Audio-visual equipment

Autos - prototypes, race cars

Bloodstock - horses for training or show

Broadcast equipment

Circus animals, props, sets, costumes & equipment

Computer equipment - routers, networking devices, monitors, peripherals

Construction & mining equipment

Defence & military items

Diagnostic devices

DIY electronics & devices


Film & video equipment - cameras, sound equipment, lighting, microphones, peripherals & accessories


Laptop computers


Measurement equipment

Medical devices

Motorcycles (for racing, rallies, testing, exhibition, demonstration or promotion)

Networking devices & equipment

Operas - props, costumes, sets, audio equipment

Orchestras - musical instruments, accessories, electronic audio equipment, music stands

Photography equipment - cameras, lights, back drops

Research & scientific equipment, devices & materials

Robots & robotic devices

Security & Surveillance equipment

Sports gear & equipment

Sub-sea equipment & submersibles

Telecommunications equipment

Testing devices

Theatrical productions - props, costumes, sets, audio equipment

Trade show exhibit booths

Unmanned vehicles & aircraft

Water equipment - irrigation, purification, filtration

Wearing apparel - samples, for photo & film shoots