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Carnets into Russia


Although Russia is a relatively recent addition to the carnet system, the country has made significant progress since the early stages of its membership.  Improvement is measured by the decline in complaints received by the UK National Guaranteeing Association, the World Customs Organisation(WCO) and, the World Trade Organisation(WTO).

If you are considering travel to Russia be advised that Issuance of ATA Carnets are made under limited circumstances.  They include:

  • a carnet holder must have experience with ATA carnets and, foreign, as well as, UK Customs,
  • someone in the travelling party should speak Russian well,
  • entry into Russia through St. Petersburg or Moscow is preferred and
  • a translation of the General List to Russian is required. (Translation is available when you apply for a carnet.)

Please note, Russia works on a customs district system which makes it necessary to use transits while moving about the country.  Because of this complicated system, making a grand tour of the country under a carnet is discouraged.

If you experience any problems or have questions about this change please contact the UK Carnet HelpLine® at 0-808-189-3400 or e-mail us.

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