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Application Checklist

ATA Carnet Application Checklist

Prior to logging in, gather this information to prepare to apply online. Applications can be saved and reopened to add additional information at a later date.

  • Purpose for which your goods or equipment is being temporarily exported to another country(ies).
  • UTR or NI Number.
  • Name(s) of individual(s) responsible for carnet documents while in transit. These are the "Authorised Representatives" and would include any persons or entities that would be presenting your Carnet to customs.
  • List of destination countries.
  • List of countries the goods will be transiting. That is, countries that are being passed through en route to a destination.
  • Outbound and inbound anticipated modes of transportation.
  • Complete the list of goods or equipment that will be travelling.  List should include detailed descriptions including model and serial numbers, quantity, value in £s, weight in kgs and country of origin. Note: If you have the list of items in an electronic record (Excel or database) call for details on how we can import your list of items to save you data entry time.
  • Desired date of delivery of your Carnet document.
  • AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or JCB number and expiration date unless you are going to pay by AFTS / BCS or corporate cheque which must clear prior to issuing the carnet. You will not be billed at the time you submit the application. The carnet is billed only upon issuance. The application does not review fees. For an estimate of carnet cost contact a Carnet Specialist.
  • Set-up an account online. Login and get instructions for completing the application.



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