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ATA Carnet Specialists

Decades of Experience and Knowledge

Boomerang carnets® UK has the experience and skill to simplify the complex ATA Carnet regulations, as well as, foreign and U.K. Customs regulations. International trade documentation can be a minefield and frequently subject to interpretation. Boomerang carnets® UK  puts extensive staff experience in understanding and interpreting the ATA Carnet Convention, and a vast information database, developed over 2 decades, to work for you.

Earning the ATA Carnet Specialist Designation

The designation as an ATA Carnet Specialist is earned only after fulfilling several rigorous requirements. All UK Carnet Specialists must be trained and qualified by the U.K.carnet national guaranteeing association, must have trained for at least 2 years in an ATA Carnet issuing department and have a thorough understanding of the requirements for issuing and use of the document and must have extensive customer service experience in carnets, insurance or a related field.

Boomerang carnets® UK has a Partnership with a U.K. Chamber of Commerce

Boomerang carnets® UK provides an ATA Carnet Specialist a professional environment in order to deliver the best possible customer service.

  • Boomerang carnets® UK has a Service Provider Agreement with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, an Appointed U.K. ATA Carnet Issuing Body by H.M Customs.
  • Boomerang carnets® UK has quality controls to assure that your documents are accurate. We combine automation with a thorough human review process for accuracy.

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