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Boomerang Carnets UK Partners with Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Liverpool Chamber and boomerang carnets® UK Partnership Give U.K. Exporters Lower Costs, Increase Efficiency

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce logoThe Liverpool Chamber of Commerce is the newest boomerang carnets® partner. Expanding to the U.K. is part of boomerang carnets®' effort to support the automation of the ATA Carnet application process, giving exporters a more affordable and easier way to obtain an ATA Carnet.

The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (LCC) was selected for the U.K. expansion because of their forward-thinking Head of International Trade and Commercial Services, Andy Snell. Boomerang carnets®' Chairman and Founder, Bruce A. Wilson, identified the Liverpool Chamber as an ideal partner to bring increased automation to the U.K. market for ATA Carnets due to their appointment by H.M. Customs as a carnet issuing body and Mr. Snell's establishment of an Export Centre at the Chamber in 2013.

While the centre of ATA Carnet issuing has been in London historically, there are two facets of the partnership that challenge that reality: carnets and their accompanying guarantees can be applied for, signed and stamped electronically from anywhere in the U.K. using boomerang carnets® UK's online application software and Chamber membership is not a prerequisite for getting the lowest rates. Any U.K. company with a computer and internet access can utilize the Liverpool / boomerang carnets® UK carnet application and do it at a more affordable cost than ever before. These improvements in the U.K. ATA Carnet system give U.K. exporters expanding abroad a cost break and efficiencies that were not available until now.

Ms. Sarah Woolley, Export Documentation Manager at LCC, brings her long-time experience as an Authorized ATA Carnet Issuer to the partnership. She is a specialist in all LCC's certification products and her extensive knowledge and experience meant that the new carnet issuing partnership hit the ground running on March 1st, 2015.

Boomerang carnets® in the U.S. issues 7600 carnets annually (and growing) and is already referring U.S. carnet users with U.K. affiliates to the new LCC carnet facility. As the U.S. carnet application has been in use for over 10 years, U.S. users are quick to adapt to the U.K. version and enjoy the benefits of increased automation and reduced costs in the U.K.