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Carnet Terms and Conditions

Your Approval is Required Prior to Issuing the Carnet

Undertaking Terms & Conditions

In connection with the use of this Carnet, I and my representative(s), as the Holder of the Carnet, undertake to timely repatriate under the ATA Carnet and/or EC/CPD/CHINA-TAIWAN Carnet, all of the goods taken abroad, within such period as stipulated by any Customs*. And further declare that the value is the true commercial value of these goods and that they will not be used for commercial gain.

If the goods are not re-exported, for whatever reason(s), within such period, I accept responsibility for any negotiations or proceedings with any Customs direct or indirect, and to pay all duties, taxes and charges which may result from non re-export or failure to observe Customs regulations and requirements both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

The use of a Carnet does not absolve the holder from observing the Customs regulations of the countries operating the scheme, e.g. import and export prohibitions or restrictions. In certain circumstances a U.K. export license or any import/export license for countries to be visited or crossed in transit may be required. For U.K. information please contact D.T.I. Export Control Helpline (020 7215 8070).

In accordance with EEC Regulations 2913/92 and 2454/93, the carnet will be issued in the European Community only for Community goods. N.B. Goods should be re-exported without having undergone processing or repair, except normal depreciation due to the use made of them. Normal Customs documentation must be used for the exportation of goods by post.

For this purpose Community goods means goods:

A) obtained in the EC
B) release for free circulation, or
C) obtained or produced in the EC, either from goods referred to in B) or from A) and B).

I agree that the Draft/cash on deposit or Guarantee may be used to reimburse the Chamber for any duty, taxes or charges as above should these be incurred and for any fees charged by the Chamber for the issue of regularization of the Carnet and that any interest on monies held by the Chamber shall be retained by the Chamber.

I further agree to pay the Chamber immediately upon receipt of its demand in writing all or any such sum or sums of money which it may have paid to be called upon to pay in respect of any professional or other fees, costs, liabilities and expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred by the Chamber as a result of, or in connection with, the issue of the Carnet

I further agree that the Chamber may at its discretion, effect a conditional Discharge subject to the Chamber not receiving any further claims etc. with the 33 month period.

I have read and understood the conditions of the guarantee, and declare that the above particulars and those in the list of goods attached are true and correct and I undertake to return the Carnet to the Chamber after use.



The guarantee/deposit should be for a sum (calculated to the nearest pound sterling only) equivalent to the highest total amount of customs duty taxes and additional charges to which the goods listed would become liable on importation into any one of the countries for which the carnet is valid, plus a further 10 per cent of the amount.

If the amount of duty payable is not readily assessable, the Chamber reserves the right to fix the amount of the guarantee/deposit in the light of individual cases.

Any guarantee/deposit will be returned when the Carnet is surrendered to the Chamber and found to be correctly discharged.

For imported goods the Chamber may require sight of either a duty paid invoice or customs entry. Foreign goods temporarily imported into the EC under a Customs Temporary Importation Concession do not quality for inclusion in a Carnet.

*For commercial samples carnets in the period may be only 6 months, for exhibitions the period may be limited to 2 months, professional equipment a minimum of 6 months, and for imports covered by a blue transit voucher, the period of transit may be one of days.

The Chamber reserves the right to refuse to issue a Carnet to any applicant at any time without indicating any reason.

*Commercial value in country of issue and in its currency, unless stated differently