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Carnets for International Trade Shows

Carnets for International Trade Shows | Trade Fairs | Trade Missions & Overseas Exhibitions Can Save Time & Taxes

ATA Carnets can be used for the equipment and merchandise that is shipped internationally for a trade show or exhibition* to avoid paying customs duties and import taxes such as VAT or GST. By listing the equipment and merchandise that will return to the U.K. on an ATA Carnet you can reduce the costs associated with exhibiting at a trade show and ease the customs clearance.

An ATA Carnet also eliminates the need to post a bond or cash with foreign customs which may take 6-24 months to be returned. In addition, the carnet can serve as the temporary export declaration allowing goods re-entry into the U.K. duty free.

           -See the simple, 4-Step application process.

           -View the Application Checklist.

           -Contact a Carnet Specialist.

          -See the carnet document.




*Samples, giveaways, swag, brochures or flyers to be sold or given away, however, may not always be permitted to be listed on the ATA Carnet as they are entering the commerce of host country.