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Lost Carnet Warranty

Get a £600 warranty against loss, theft or destruction of your ATA Carnet documents plus reimbursement of Regularization Fees for £30.00

Boomerang carnets® UK in conjunction with certain syndicates at Lloyd's of London is pleased to introduce Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Carnet Warranties and Regularization Fee Protection (LSDR).

Benefits of the LSDR warranty include:

  • Protect your budget by avoiding processing fees and transportation costs when a second set of carnet documents are needed to replace a Lost, Stolen or Destroyed carnet.
  • Save the expense of Regularization Fees resulting from carnet documents not being properly validated at the time of entry to or exit from a carnet country.
  • Avoid having to get additional approvals and authorizations in the event carnet documents need to be replaced. A duplicate carnet is a simple request to boomerang carnets® LTD with no additional charges (up to £600).
  • Eliminate "finger-pointing", damaged vendor relations and lost time when carnet documents have passed through several hands while in transit and then can't be located. Simply ask for a duplicate.
  • Easy to obtain coverage when you apply online. No additional questionnaires, applications or forms are necessary.

Full Terms and Conditions are available when you apply for an ATA Carnet online.