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Creative Film Industries and Media Outlets use ATA Carnets: Essentials and Tips, Part 3

The ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted customs document used to clear Customs with temporarily exported merchandise, goods, or equipment without paying import-duty and -tax into 87+ carnet countries and territories.  The ATA Carnet is valid for multiple trips into multiple countries for up to a year.  Given the value of equipment and gear moving into and out of countries for shoots, ATA Carnets provide considerable savings on import-duty and -tax and serve as a temporary export declaration for goods back into the U.K.  ATA Carnets are essential to any shoot or production being filmed on location across international borders. 

Eric Huyton of the Media Training Hub in Chippenham, along with Curt E.H. Wilson-Managing Director and Kiel Ursin-Carnet Specialist, representing boomerang  carnets® UK shared their extensive knowledge in a recent webinar.  Huyton with 30+ years as an international cinematographer, Wilson with 30+ years in the carnet business and Ursin, an experienced Carnet Specialist catering to the needs and deadlines specific to the industry covered essentials and some useful tips.

In our previous two blog posts in this series, we established some basics on what equipment and gear can go on an ATA Carnet and how to list those items on the General List of the carnet.  The ATA Carnet is a manual paper document, good for 12 months and especially convenient for multi-country shoots if the gear listed on the General List is not added to.  You can subtract items on the General List, but you cannot add items.  For instance, if you are taking a camera listed on the carnet back into a country for needed footage but will not be needing any of the other fifty items on your General List, you will only need to let Customs know ahead of time. They will mark the carnet appropriately for use.    

One of the most important things to make sure happens when you use your ATA Carnet is to get it “stamped” by Customs out of the country of origin and “stamped” by Foreign Customs into the country you are travelling to.  Likewise, you must get the carnet “stamped” by Foreign Customs leaving the country you are shooting in and “stamped” by Customs upon your return.  Be aware and make sure that happens.  It is your responsibility, and it is important because it is proof, to both Customs Services, that all the items temporarily imported under the carnet have returned to the country of origin.

TIPS:  Always know where your carnet is!  Keep it in proximity, in a bag that you always carry with you or in a safe place you have access to.  You do not want it to get lost or damaged.  If you are shipping your kit by freight it is important to communicate with the receiver at the other end exactly where the carnet is packed in the cargo so it can be easily found upon arrival.  It is also important to always inspect the carnet before travel or shipment.  Make sure the “Holder” has signed the front cover and that your General List is accurate.  And remember, you can always call us at boomerang carnets® UK.  We are here to assist you 24/7. 

NEWS:  Boomerang carnets® UK is happy to announce a new Carnet Distribution Center at the Media Training Hub in Chippenham, conveniently located near Bristol to accommodate the creative screen industries and the many other industries that can benefit from ATA Carnets Same Day Service in the Bristol, Cardiff, and Southwest areas.  If you need assistance or have further questions, contact the Carnet Helpline® 0808.189.3400.

Dec 14, 2020